Jun 26

How penning down Short Stories is the best way to get started
Article by Senorita Baral (Guest Blogger)

A passionate author would write to his heart’s content; till he has poured out all his thoughts onto the paper, inked each and every emotion and sketched every phantom that he has imagined. This reasoning comes out pronto as soon as any budding writer is quizzed as to why he chose scripting a novel instead of any short story or a collection of them. There are several folks round the globe who nurture the dream of striking gold with the power of their words but only a few realize the fact that it is just not a sit-at-home-and-type-on-your-pc job but a task that fiercely demands dedication, sincerity and hard work. It is a time devouring charge since sometimes it can take years to complete a novel. Some of the world’s best known bestsellers were a consequence of intense research undertaken by their authors. Although it can be immensely rewarding to get a novel published but a collection of short stories can also be just as satisfying. Thus, the other component of publishing which is packaged with great avenues but is often overlooked is the short stories segment. It is crucial for a beginner to try his hand at this section to understand the depths of the literary world.

At the outset, writing short stories can act as an experiment which can help the author to evaluate his own literary prowess and story-telling skills, as it is often difficult to express in a limited space without compromising on the quality. This novice start can aid the writer to recognize the genre of writing he is inclined towards, his natural flair. This is primarily because the writer does not have to bother himself with a complicated plot with a huge convoy of characters but instead can focus on the essential storyline and try to deliver it as effectively as possible. A simple yet strong story, if stated well, can work wonders. As far as the beginners are concerned, it provides them with an added advantage as it gives them a freedom of expression. Apart from the creative benefits, it also offers commercial gains as they can be written in a short span of time and hence can be published quickly. The novel-publishing industry is quite rigid wherein one requires agents to process their works but the short story markets aren’t closed like this, so they provide more career options. Credentials gained through short story publishing can help increase a writer’s visibility and chances of making it big in novel publishing.

Literature, specifically its mavens, cannot be typecast by a generic rule. It is a free-of-leverage zone where there is absolute liberty for every patron. Most of them develop with their writing, with the expansion of the horizon of their thought, with their experience and with their indulgence in this field. Some are, of course, sorcerers of the pen-kingdom who get it fantastically well in their debuts itself. But isn’t life itself all about learning, in a progression. The same rule applies here. It’s best to start up with your genre identification, proceeding with practicing and honing your narration skills, all of which can be materialized by a few short-story writing attempts. Hence, think big, start small.

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